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I Know I’m A Wolf — Young Heretics

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Title: Knight Of Noir
Artist: Susanne Sundfør
Album: The Brothel
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Knight of Noir — Susanne Sundfor

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Title: Sometimes
Artist: Melanie Horsnell
Album: Complicated Sweetheart
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Sometimes — Melanie Horsnell

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Title: Lost in My Mind
Artist: The Head and the Heart
Album: The Head and the Heart
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Lost In My Mind — The Head and the Heart

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Title: Born To Die
Artist: Lana Del Rey
Album: Born To Die
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Born To Die — Lana Del Rey

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Title: In A Tree
Artist: Priscilla Ahn
Album: In A Tree
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In A Tree — Priscilla Ahn

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Title: Names
Artist: Radical Face
Album: The Roots
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Names — Radical Face

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Title: My Father's Gun
Artist: Elton John
Album: Tumbleweed Connection
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My Father’s Gun — Elton John

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Title: Girl
Artist: Across The Universe
Album: Across The Universe OST
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Girl — Across The Universe

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